Autumn Harp, Inc. - Bristol, VT

Why would one of the world's largest producers of lip balm want the services of High 5?

Bristol, VTBecause the changing world of their business was requiring their R & D team to re-define their relationship with their customers and that meant re-defining their relationship with each other.

High 5 specializes in developing those skills critical to a successful team effort: cooperation, trust, effective communication, commitment and leadership.

Through adventure education and shared observations, participants gain a greater awareness of the group process, and learn skills that, when transferred back to the office, can promote healthier relationships both internally and externally.

For the past four years, High 5 has been working with Autumn Harp's R & D team to accomplish these goals and according to Human Resources Director Joyce Diciano, the R & D team has become a leader throughout the company.

"I first heard about High 5 when I was attending a Governor's Leadership Retreat for small businesses. A friend who was also attending, highly recommended High 5 to assist me with the internal development of our R & D group. She insisted that there was no one better at developing a sense of team than the people at High 5. After four years of experiencing their skills and expertise, I wholeheartedly agree, there is no one better. They have succeeded in changing the culture of our R & D team and our company."

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