The National Hockey League's BOSTON BRUINS

Bruins at High 5 AdventureBruins Come to High 5 For Teambuilding

When the NHL's Boston Bruins wanted to strengthen their team chemistry and increase their team performance they chose High 5 to make it happen.

In June of 2010, Assistant coach Geoff Ward and team consultant Max Offenberger contacted High 5 to discuss the possibility of the Boston Bruins using High 5 as a part of their pre-season training camp program.

Hi 5 and Bruins

After meetings with head Coach Claude Julien and key management staff, the decision was made that the team would come to the High 5 training site in Vermont for two days of intensive work together as a team.

In late September, Boston Bruins players, coaches and training staff arrived at High 5 for a custom designed program aimed at strengthening team connections, developing and broadening team leadership roles and creating increased accountability around performance objectives.

Bruins at High 5 Adventure

According to Jim Grout, High 5's director, the team was very engaged in every aspect of the program; "The success of this type of teambuilding effort is so dependent upon the buy in level of the participants. The Bruins exemplified the kind of commitment and energy that is needed to assure that what happens at High 5 carries over onto their life on the ice."

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