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FEAR: Good, Bad or Ugly?


Part 1: A Prelude to the Amygdala
Several years ago I had a neurologist as a chaperone for participants in a challenge course experience I was facilitating. He and I talked at length about the experience and he started to share with me in simple terms how the body and mind processes fear. I was fascinated. As he described the process of our brains "hijacking" our bodies until the brain decides if we really should be scared, I immediately saw direct connections between the ways we facilitate challenge course experiences and what was happening inside the brain and body of our participants. I had to know more.

ACCT 2011: Little Bag of wonder

The ACCT conference in Minneapolis, MN was a great time. Ryan and I had the honor of leading an activity workshop in which all the props came from a bag not much bigger than activity book itself. About 50 people came to have fun with us. We were able to showcase our new processing/activity cards. There will be more information on those soon enough.

Click on the link below for the pdf handout for the workshop:
ACCT 2011.pdf

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