52 Pick Up


As promised at the 2011 Practitioners Symposium here's 52 Pick Up, the latest addition to High 5's Print & Play Prop collection. 52 Pick Up is an all new, hilarious way to get your groups moving, talking, taking risks and interacting. Simply print the attached PDF including the activity write-up and set of 52 cards to get started. The activity can be adapted, changed, and even improved on to meet your unique program goals so feel free to get creative. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
52 Pick UP.pdf


I was at your workshop last Saturday, and this activity was excellent! Thanks for sharing.

How long does this usually take a group to complete?

Well, it depends on the size of the group. With 52 cards a group of 20 or so wouldn't take very long because they only get about 2-3 cards each. Each task takes only a few moments with a couple of exceptions. I would say a group of 8-10 would take about 10 minutes, maybe a little longer. You don't need to use all the cards and you could supplement any of them with your own to better fit the unique spirit of your group.

Ryan, I saw Michelle Cummings present this exercise earlier this year in Australia, and I can ow see where she got it from. I love the fact that you share the cards here - great idea, and better than buying the cards!! It's an awesome large group exercise, and one that I've enjoyed using with my groups simply to have FUNN (functional understanding not necessary)...