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How do you use what you're passionate about to inform your work?

In my case, I've recently found myself in an incredibly creative space both in my professional and likewise, personal life. In fact, thinking about it... I've come to experience a wonderful sense of fulfillment related to the subject. As an adventure practitioner with an appreciation for contemporary art, I wanted to combine an artistic interpretation of an activity called Challenge Circles with a collaborative adventure experience; and so I created a series of images called Circles, summarized in this 38 second video.

This video was created a few months ago using several images created in a collaborative effort by 5 participants in an Adventure Basics workshop. Presented with a sheet of paper with a simple circle drawn in the center, participants were asked to place a dot somewhere on the paper representing their comfort relative to the given scenario. An example scenario would be public speaking or taking a test. Placing a dot within the black circle meant that the individual was anxiety free, calm and completely relaxed. In terms of learning, it's believed that within the comfort circle, little learning occurs. Dots placed outside the circle represented a varying level of discomfort relative to the distance from the central circle. The further from the circle the more intense or anxious the participant may feel. A dot reaching the edge of the paper would represent a panic response or that of fight or flight. Somewhere between the edge of the comfort circle and point of panic is a place of learning as the person's feelings of anxiety or discomfort force them to adapt, try new things, and ultimately learn.

The first image in the video is titled Swimming and represents a collective sense of comfort relative to the idea of swimming. In this image all the dots were placed within the centeral circle. With each new scenario a separate image was created including the final image entitled, Swimming in the Ocean Offshore in the Middle of the Night When Something Mysteriously Bumps Your Leg. It represents a collective sense of fear and panic relative to swimming in the ocean offshore in the middle of the night with mysterious leg bumpings.

The entire series of images was put on exhibit for individuals to interpret, or in adventure terms, process the experience. Like anything in contemporary art, we can simply look upon the image and see nothing more than a playful arrangement of colorful dots, or with greater effort, seek to understand its meaning. I think that's true for the adventure field too. With that I return to my previous question, how do you use what you're passionate about to inform your work?

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