Tape Recording



Here's a powerful processing technique I've found wonderfully useful in helping groups develop awareness of how they speak to each other. Although it's a challenge to pull off requiring fast and frantic writing on the facilitator's part, the end result can be deeply powerful.

The idea is to record snippets of the group's discussion during a given activity by writing down comments you hear on a roll of masking tape and sticking each comment to a wall. By the end of the activity participants have a recorded account of comments made to each other. This can be a powerful eye opener for groups who can be completely unaware of their words and comments. I found it most effective when a group struggles with bullying issues or cliques. The approach doesn't signal any individual out but undeniably identifies areas of concern. They can't ignore that this is what they sound like as the writing is on the wall.
It takes a little practice to pull this off effectively and it can be a lot of writing, but what it can offer a group is invaluable. Enjoy.
Tape Recording.pdf


Right on Ryan! This activity is very effective. Thanks for sharing with our community.

Thanks Nate, I love this activity and find useful in so many ways, lots of variations and possibilities.