Be more creative this year!

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Want to be more creative in 2012?

Well, here are twelve suggestions that you can start using right now to push your creative potential to the limit. I do caution you though, these suggestions may go against what you understand to be acceptable behavior. But, if you're serious about your next masterpiece than giddy up and get going!

1. Talk to yourself out loud and record it. My iPhone has become one of the most valuable creative tools I own. I can record in-the-moment thoughts, record voice memos, take photos and share thoughts from almost anywhere inspirations hits.

831466591_84988ea553_m.jpg2. Doodle when you're thinking. Doodling is grossly misunderstood and enormously powerful.

3. Make a mess with your props. Whenever I'm planning for a program, I almost always dump my props out on the floor so I can see what I've got to work with.

4. Day dream every day. Stare off into the distance and let your mind go. Day dreaming is misunderstood and often looked down upon by the uncreative. But, in the end your ideas will be awesome and your process eventually accepted.

5. Avoid sitting down when you're brainstorming. Stand up and get moving; physical activity stimulates the creative process.

6. Close your eyes and imagine people doing the craziest things imaginable. Now, make it happen.

7. Read half an activity write-up and make up the rest. I often go skimming through the countless and somewhat repetitive activity books that litter my bookshelf. I like to skip right to the rules section of the write-up and read just enough to get a basic idea of how the game is played... then I make up the rest.

8. Think like a child, present your challenge to a child and listen to what they say. It will probably make more sense than anything else you've heard.

9. Watch, play and surf! Most people say TV, video games, and the internet kill creativity. I disagree and make it a point to do all three.

10. Stop worrying about people stealing your ideas. Most likely they were never yours to start with. If you spend your time creating for the sole purpose of recognition... well, good luck with that, because most people don't care who created the game but rather how fun it is!

11. Ignore assumptions. Too many of us assume people can't or won't... that's lazy. Make it happen.

12. Go social and go collaborative. Talk to other people and don't be afraid to share your ideas. Start a project with someone else and it will be so much better than what you alone would have come up with.

(Illustration by Narisa, used under Creative Commons License)

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Hi Ryan! Great words to live by.