Meet Dat! A future leader in the next generation of Adventure Educators

Dat first came to High 5 for the 2015 Annual High 5 Practitioner's Symposium with the East Hartford Youth Services Bureau student group. His vivacious enthusiasm and positive attitude stood out in the crowd!

Dat's personality and the way he showed up - ready to Connect, Empower and Lead -stood out. Ryan McCormick, Edge of Leadership's (EOL) Director, quickly identified him as a great potential participant and contributor for the EOL Summer Program and invited him to attend.

Not surprisingly, Dat brought the same excitement and charisma to the summer program as a leader, motivator, energizer, and spreader of positivity.

EOL facilitator Anne Louise Wagner recalls, "I was fortunate to be in Dat's dialogue group on the final day of the summer program. This gave me the opportunity to see a different side of Dat. When a teacher in the group shared about a challenging moment, Dat identified with her obstacles, experiencing similar challenges in his life, and had the courage to share. The stories and heartfelt exchange was a very special moment for me".

We are thrilled that only is Dat interested in returning to EOL's 3-day summer program in 2016 as a Student Facilitator, but he has chosen to pursue a degree in Adventure Education.

Dat writes,

"I am excited to say that I will be majoring in adventure education at Plymouth State University in the pursuit to further my skills and experience! Everyone at High 5 has made a big impact in that decision and I would like to say thank you for the opportunity."

Dat, thank you from all of us at High 5 for sharing your news! We'll be watching for your future contributions to adventure education, and to the world!

If you are interested in learning more about Edge of Leadership or how your high school or youth program can participate in the Edge of Leadership Summer Program, give Anne Louise or Ryan a call at 802.254.8718 or 877.356.4445