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This activity works with every group size and every age from elementary to corporate teams!
All you need is two decks of Ubuntu cards.

"We aren't sure why this didn't make it into the Ubuntu Activity Guide. Ryan and I had a good laugh about that because we use it all the time". Chris Ortiz

Ubuntu Mimeograph
When working on a project, we rely on team members to do their best work to contribute to the success of the project team. If that work is not organized and agreed on by all team members, details can be missed and distrust in team members can fester. The object of the activity is for the team to recreate a pattern of cards that the facilitator has created in another, out of site, space.

Resources/Materials: You will need 2 decks of Ubuntu cards.

Set up:
Create a pattern of 10- 15 cards out in a hallway or in another room. Place some cards single image side up and others multi image side up. Turn some sideways or angled. Include the remainder of the deck as a part of the pattern.

Give the group the second deck of cards.

• Each team member may only leave the room to go look at the pattern of cards one time.
• They must go alone, no talking or technology allowed while in the other space.
• They may not touch the cards that are a part of the pattern.
• When they return, they can describe what they saw to the other group members.
• Can the group recreate the pattern exactly as it is in the other space?

Facilitator tips: Snap a picture of the pattern at some point so at the end you can lay your phone down to check the groups work before you discuss.

Reflection Ideas:
• How did the group decide to organize information? Was the strategy and vision of the plan clear for all group members?
• In what ways does this activity reflect the groups typical organization? Similarities? Differences?
• What lessons could be brought back to the workplace as a result of this exercise?

Saboteur Layer
Prior to playing, pass around folded up note cards to everyone and tell the group to secretly look at the card. Tell them that if someone has an X on the inside of their card they are the saboteurs for this activity and their goal is to prevent the group from being successful. (I never actually put an X on a card but adding this layer of distrust on the team can be a powerful discussion point.)

Circle. Table. Door.

It has been a while since we shared a new print and play activity. Here is a great conflict resolution activity shared with us by Brooklyn Raney. We have used this one a bunch of times and it is fascinating to watch a group process through the seemingly conflicting instructions. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


Color Swatches

Swatch Blog.jpg

Here's another Print & Play processing tool for your bag of tricks. This is a classic processing idea that's been around for years but we've made it easier than ever to get a set of your own. The fun swatch names and color arrangements make it a perfect method for engaging your participants in meaningful discussion. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Click the link to Download the PDF:Swatches Blog.pdf


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Here's another print and play activity that's sure to challenge any group's ability to communicate effectively. Although only a small part of something big, Ubuntu Circles are just a taste of our latest project so please enjoy!
Directions:Ubuntu Circle.pdf

52 Pick Up


As promised at the 2011 Practitioners Symposium here's 52 Pick Up, the latest addition to High 5's Print & Play Prop collection. 52 Pick Up is an all new, hilarious way to get your groups moving, talking, taking risks and interacting. Simply print the attached PDF including the activity write-up and set of 52 cards to get started. The activity can be adapted, changed, and even improved on to meet your unique program goals so feel free to get creative. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
52 Pick UP.pdf

Back to Back

Happy Holidays, Here's a Game Gift!

Here's another favorite activity from all of us at High 5, perfect for exploring the complexities of communication and the journey from the formation and sharing of ideas to the interpretation by others. The attached PDF includes the activity write-up and the prop. Just Print the PDF, cut out the cards and enjoy the fun. The discussion potential and learning opportunities are endless so be creative!

Happy Holidays!

Click the link to download the PDF write-up and printable prop
Back to Back.pdf

Phonetically Speaking

Phonetically Speaking
A challenging hidden message and sequencing puzzle of fun.
Here's another new favorite called Phonetically Speaking. Just print out the cards and get started with this silly sounding mystery message game.


Phonetically Speaking.pdf

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