Sports Teams

Sports teamsHigh 5 is an industry leader in designing dynamic, professionally-proven team building experiences for sports teams, corporate groups and small businesses. We focus on increasing team communication and performance, developing creative problem-solving skills, and improving conflict resolution.

Through adventure, members of your team will gain a greater awareness of the group process and learn skills that they can take home to promote healthier and more successful working relationships. And they'll have fun at the same time.

A challenge course experience can:

  • Help participants get to know one another quickly and differently than they might in the work place, which in turn will provide individuals a greater degree of comfort back in the office.
  • Establish a sense of team camaraderie and a greater awareness of the importance of teamwork.
  • Create an atmosphere of mutual support in which cooperation, encouragement and interpersonal concerns are emphasized.
  • Help participants to assess critical factors in team tasks and explore how teams can effectively capitalize on group resources.
  • Help participants further develop clear and effective communication skills.

How we work

Teams are assigned the challenge but not given any explanation in how to achieve a successful outcome. Success is dependent on interaction, healthy communication, positive group behavior and problem solving skills. If these traits don't exist within the group then a challenge course experience can help to quickly and successfully develop them.

What people learn

Participants learn to recognize the inner resources, strengths and positive qualities within themselves and amongst their team mates. Reflecting on the experience afterward allows them to learn more about both their personal and the group's behavior, and relate it back to their normal routine to create positive change and ongoing group success.

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