Resource Center

From our beginnings, one of High 5's primary goals was to serve as a dependable source and resource for information related to the Challenge Course industry.

Online Resources

To help us achieve our objective, we have established this Resources section. There are currently three pages in this section that will help you with:
  • Other Adventure Learning links for more information on various topics
  • A page with Forms for Certification, Massachusetts regulations, and other documents referred to on the website.
  • ACCT information and links
We will continue to develop the pages in this section as we explore the web and as our industry develops. We invite suggestions for the Adventure links page from you as well. Please use our contact form to send them to us.

Resource Center at High 5

The Resource Center, in our offices, has developed into a small library of adventure books covering a wide variety of topics from adventure theory to adventure games. Further, there is an array of current periodicals and articles that focus on Challenge Course topics and issues. Visitors who have been to our trainings on site are given time to browse through our collection during their stay. You are welcome to come and explore any time during our regular business hours.
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