The High 5 Guide: Challenge Course Operating Procedures for the Thinking Practitioner, 2nd Edition

front-cover-only.jpgBy Jim Grout, Nicki Hall, Ryan McCormick and Chris Ortiz. Achieve the balance between technical skills, thoughtful program development and facilitation to create the most powerful experience for your audience. This new book by veteran High 5 staff members begins with the question, "Why does your program do what it does?" In classic High 5 style, this book emphasizes the importance of understanding your program, its mission and purpose, its goals and desired outcomes to give your audiences with the most powerful experience possible. The High 5 Guide blends this information artfully with the technical skills required to successfully operate a challenge course. This NEW 2nd Edition contains updated content to reflect recent developments in the industry, new technology and updated operating procedures.

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cover-only-with-shadow.jpgThe Ubuntu Activity Guide is the key to enhancing your experience and unlocking the infinite potential in your deck of Ubuntu Cards. This book contains an expanded variety of activities that will unite your group and help them find those common bonds that connect us all. Whether it is an icebreaker, initiative problem or just a game of tag, members of your group will be laughing, bonding and connecting through the experiences they share. This book will also help you to use Ubuntu cards to start meaningful conversations, develop a path for dialogue and reflect upon those shared experiences.

You will be amazed at the versatility and variety of the 32 activities offered in this guide. It contains Ubuntu card activities and initiatives that work with groups of all types and sizes. You'll find an appropriate activity for every group you work with and for every length of time you have to play. Get familiar with your Ubuntu cards and chances are you'll soon be sharing your own variations with your group. (Share them with us too!)

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Tips and Tools for the Art of Group Facilitation

Tips-and-Tools.jpgBy Jennifer Stanchfield. Group facilitators face the dilemma of how best to assist a group of participants in learning deeply. Experiential education requires participant activity--mental or physical--and enthusiasm to guide sessions to meet the group's needs and objectives. Facilitators, then, must keep in mind key ingredients to making sessions work while remaining open to the group's direction. Tips and Tools explores the facilitator's role in groups of all kinds and offers tools and activities to enhance group sessions. Jen reflects on aspects of effective facilitating, including personal style and a firm understanding of group backgrounds. Strategies are offered to increase participant involvement and growth through efficient sequencing and reflection. Tips and Tools serves as a guide and an inspiration for group facilitators who seek out new materials to help spark creativity, provide new insight, and encourage success.

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Focus Your Locus: Activities That Focus the Power of Individuals and Group

Focus-Your-Locus.jpgBy Mike Gessford and Justin McGlamery. "Focus" enables people to more clearly access their thoughts. Access to one's thoughts helps individuals to evaluate previous thoughts and experiences and create new ideas. New ideas create energy. Energy stimulates awareness, which can influence where one's locus of control resides. Awareness can fuel courage, potentially allowing one to become more individually responsible. Courage leads to an enhanced ability to make new conscious choices, which, when made within groups, lead to mutual accountability. These new choices lead to new opportunities for learning and growth. New learning and experiences provide opportunities for new thoughts, and the cycle begins anew, with focus enabling people to access their thoughts more clearly.

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Silver Bullets

silver-bullets.jpgBy Karl Rohnke. A classic guide to initiative problems, adventure games and trust activities, this book has been updated in honor of it's 25th anniversary. The activities of this book have all been used effectively by a variety of teachers, counselors, therapists, camp directors and church leaders. All have wanted an effective, engaging way to bring people together to build trust, and to break down the artificial barriers between individuals and groups of individuals. The curricula is alive and engaging; it is sequenced and adapted by practitioners to meet the needs of each group it serves. As formal curricula, these activities have been evaluated as having improved self-concept, enhanced the ability of members to take risks, and strengthened the willingness of group members to cooperate and work well together.

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A Teachable Moment: A Facilitators Guide to Activities for Processing, Debriefing, Reviewing and Reflection

A-Teachable-Moment.jpgBy Jennifer Stanchfield, Jim Cain and Michelle Cummings. Jim Cain, Michelle Cummings and Jennifer Stanchfield have collectively been active in adventure-based and active learning programs for almost a century. From their extensive facilitation background, here are the best of their techniques, methods and activities for engaging participants in active and meaningful processing, debriefing and program reviewing sessions. A Teachable Moment is packed with over 120 activities to help you, the facilitator, help your participants transfer their learning back to everyday life. A Teachable Moment is perfect for new, as well as seasoned, facilitators.

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Global Games for Diversity Education

Global Games for Diversity Educationby Rich Keegan. Play is a pure medium for bringing people of many experiences, cultures, backgrounds and characteristics together. These lessons -- using games from countries throughout the world -- introduce 10 Diversity Life Skills that promote empathy and understanding, and reinforce that we are all more similar than different. The methods used in this book employ experiential play and activities that are paired with focused reflection and the use of various processing tools.

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A Small Book About Large Group Games

Large-Group-Games.jpgBy Karl Rohnke. A Small Book About Large Group Games is a compilation of Karl Rohnke's BEST games and initiative problems designed specifically for large groups. Does the thought of facilitating sessions of 50, 75, or even 100 participants cause you to break out in a cold sweat? Karl's off-the-wall, innovative approach to handling large group sessions will have everyone laughing, learning, and participating in no time flat!

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Bottomless Bag Revival

Bottomless-Bag-Revival.jpgBy Karl Rohnke. If you're seeking user-friendly games, challenging initiatives, and exciting adventure stunts that can be confidently presented to educational, recreational, or corporate groups - you got `em right here - ice breaking warm ups, trust building activities, off-the-wall stunts, problem solving tasks, cooperative games, and over one hundred pages devoted to challenge rope course construction and implementation. Karl has jammed more adventure curriculum ideas, expository how to's, reasonably unreasonable schemes, personal vignettes, and action scenarios into these pages than any other book on the subject!

Unit Cost: $36.75   Unit Weight: 1.2 lbs.


Cowstails and Cobras II

image001.jpgBy Karl Rohnke. Cowstails and Cobras II is a rewrite of Karl Rohnke's classic guide to games, initiative problems, and adventure activities. It contains much more of what made up the original standard in Adventure Education, including sample curricula and leadership/debriefing skills.

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Funn 'N Games

Funn-n-Games.jpgBy Karl Rohnke.

Unit Cost: $43.50   Unit Weight: 0.9 lbs.



QuickSilver.jpgBy Steve Butler and Karl Rohnke. This book is one of the first books we recommend to new facilitators who are building an adventure library. It serves as a guide to effective leadership and contains games, initiatives, problem solving and trust activities. There is also a section on leadership, where the authors have combined their 43 years of experience to provide you with some insights into leading effective adventure programs. Whether you are an experienced or novice adventure leader, or just looking for ways to bring people together in a fun, positive and meaningful way, QuickSilver will surely become one of your most valued resources.

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Games for Groups Book 1

Games-for-Groups1.jpgBy Chris Cavert, Laurie Frank and friends. This book contains thirty-seven different 10- to 20-minute activities that will get your group talking., focusing on topics that crucially affect experiences throughout life, including understanding gender issues, rumors and their effects, creativity, communication, and expression of emotions and frustrations. This practical guide to experience and activity-based counseling is easily implemented for ages 12 to adult, and adaptable for younger audiences as well. Activities include "What Would it Be Like...?" and "Are You More Like...?" questions, Teaching Tales, Minute Mysteries, and assorted games.

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Games for Teachers

Games-for-Teachers.jpgBy Chris Cavert, Laurie Frank and friends. Games (& other stuff) for Teachers is an experiential activity book--a special project put together by teachers for teachers. The activities in this book focus on developing pro-social skills that will help both children and adults interact in a positive and caring way. The activities are meant to be fun and easy to read. All necessary equipment can be obtained within the classroom or school setting. Sample questions are provided with each activity for discussion purposes, and variations are also provided to help you adjust to the skill levels of your students.

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Adventure, Play, Peace

APPfrontcoverweb.jpgBy Nancy McPhee Bower. Play is a natural way for children to learn and have fun. When playing with children or supporting them in free play, there are opportunities for parents, teachers, and caregivers to teach peacemaking skills. The basic concepts and creative activities presented here focus on how children play by incorporating the peacemaking skills of empathy, conflict resolution, trust and refection. This is the foundation of a compassionate community.

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Affordable Portables

Affordable-Portables.jpgBy Chris Cavert. Affordable Portables is an essential tool for counselors, educators, trainers, and others interested in beginning or boosting an experiential challenge program at minimal cost. Activity descriptions include instructions for course and activity construction, tips on group facilitating, and suggested discussion questions for processing. Games/demonstrations focus on enhancing inventiveness, resourcefulness, problem-solving techniques, and pro-social skills.

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Back Pocket Adventure

Back-Pocket.jpgBy Jim Grout and Karl Rohnke. In the growing and at times overly-complex works of experiential education, Back Pocket Adventure continues to remind us that sometimes less is more. Most of the activities in this book are performed without props or doable with a small budget.

Unit Cost: $20.00   Unit Weight: 0.2 lbs.


If Anybody Asks Me...:1001 Questions for Educators, Counselors, and Therapists

If-Anybody-Asks-Me.jpgBy Larry Eckert. 1,001 questions about health, family, relationships, growing up, school, social issues, and more. These creative questions encourage youth aged 11 to 18 to make decisions, self-evaluate, and form and vocalize opinions about issues crucial to growing up and living in our world. Discussed in a group setting, these questions will allow participants to let their peer know what they believe in, as well as find out where their friends stand on some poignant issues. They also make great topics for writing exercises, values education in recovery groups, life questions for youth groups... think of all the possibilities!

Unit Cost: $14.95   Unit Weight: .05 lbs.


Journey Towards the Caring Classroom

Journey.jpgBy Laurie Frank. Utilizing the principles of adventure-based education, the author presents a curriculum of games and activities for a variety of age levels that build trust, cooperation, and problem-solving skills and which teach personal responsibility to groups as well as setting and achieving individualized goals. The development of the text provides a map for building community and tips on group/classroom facilitation, making the program easy to implement.

Unit Cost: $39.95   Unit Weight: 1.1 lbs.


Leading Together: Foundations of Collaborative Leadership for the Classroom

Leading-Together.jpgBy Laurie Frank. Here is a curriculum for teaching the possibilities of leadership embedded in colaboration. Students learn how the strengths of relationships--the power of people working together--can make change, achieve goals, and help them meet the challenges they face. If you want to join others in leading differently --if you wish to learn the fundamentals for getting something done, this book is for you! Leading Together provides a thorough and straightforward foundation for teaching the roles and responsibilities of collaborative leadership in the classroom, grades 8 - 12. Teachers will find concrete ways to directly address and focuses on these complex skills as they move through the lessons contained in this book.

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Me I See 2nd Edition

Me-I-See.jpgBy Wood 'N' Barnes Staff. The Me I See is a simple, thorough collection of journaling prompts placed in an accessible workbook template. The pages are full of thought-provoking prompts in an inviting format with a sense of whimsy and fun that is far less intimidating than the blank page. These pages are conveniently reproducible and can be used alone or combined with photos and artwork to make writing fun, creative, and engaging. The book is organized by subject, starting with "the me I see" and progressing through subjects such as "values," "past," "family," and "social." Each subject area starts with lighter, easier-to-process prompts followed by more challenging ones. Choose the prompts that are appropriate for your class, group, or individual.

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Open to Outcome

Open-to-Outcome.jpgBy Micah Jacobsen & Mari Ruddy. Open to Outcome presents a learning cycle model built around five questions designed to take experience in a group setting and connect and apply experiential learning to real life. The 5 Question Model easily applies to groups of varying ages and skill levels and can be used to encourage leadership and mentoring roles among peers. The authors use their field-tested technique to generate group discussion that increases individual member participation, learning, and internal reflection. They round out the book with essential how to's as well as some innovative and creative ideas to spice up the process.

Unit Cost: $14.95   Unit Weight: 0.5 lbs.


Playing with a Full Deck...52 Team Activities Using a Deck of Cards

Playing-with-a-Full-Deck.jpgBy Michelle Cummings. Our clever friend Michelle uses a deck of cards along with the philosophies of learning styles and multiple intelligences to pack this book with activities that foster icebreaking, diversity, problem solving, communication, debriefing and social norms.

Unit Cost: $27.50   Unit Weight: 0.5 lbs.


Teambuilding Puzzles

Teambuilding Puzzles 100 Puzzles and Activities for Creating Teachable Moments in Creative Problem Solving, Consensus Building, Leadership, Exploring Diversity, Group Decision Making, Goal Setting, Active Learning, Communication & Teamwork. By Mike Anderson, Jim Cain, Chris Cavert, and Tom Heck Learn how to turn puzzle solving form an individual cerebral experience to a kinesthetic group activity.

Unit Cost: $31.45   Unit Weight: 0.5 lbs.


The Leader Who Is Hardly Known

Leader.jpgBy Steve Simpson. Taoist philosophy and text can have deep meaning for experiential educators because of their focus on natural spontaneity and unself-conscious learning and teaching. The Leader Who is Hardly Known is a series of essays, each beginning with a brief story focusing on the experiences and lessons of a teacher called "the Leader Who is Hardly Known." The stories are followed by Taoist quotes and the author's thoughts relating to the story. Written in an order that emphasizes personality traits that affect leadership, commonalities to experiential education programs, then the necessity of connection to the natural world, the essays contained are intentionally short and can stand alone for reference and guidance. The conclusion summarizes how the principles contained form a foundational philosophy for experiential education.

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The Processing Pinnacle: An Educator's Guide to Better Processing

Processing-Pinnacle.jpgBy Steven Simpson, Dan Miller and Buzz Bocher Experiential education focuses mainly on the idea that there are two components to experience: action and reflection. The Processing Pinnacle offers a theoretical approach to more effective processing, the reflective component of experience. Offering different points of view from the growing world of experiential education, the authors consider the difficulties of processing and suggest techniques to remove these "roadblocks."
Utilizing the metaphor of the mountain, the authors demonstrate how and when certain facilitator methods may elicit immediate response and make a lasting impression on the individual, encouraging reflection as a personal response to life experience. Readers are invited to take a quiz designed to help experiential educators clarify and interpret their processing tendencies. Easy to implement and conversational in tone, The Processing Pinnacle contains valuable guidance for anyone who teaches experientially.

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Ubuntu Cards + Ubuntu Activity Guide

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