We offer the game bags that our own trainers carry, containing their favorite, most reliable, versatile games and initiatives that are sure to be a success with your groups. Each bag comes with a manual containing games and initiatives to play with the contents of the bag. We also recommend adding to your ‘bag of tricks’ – to reflect your own personal facilitating flair. Click on the image to see the contents of each bag.

Instructor Bag

instrtr_gamebag_best.jpgNew! We've created a travel-size bag filled with the best tools of our trade. Packed with our favorite stuff yet still under five pounds for portability, our Instructor bag is a versatile, cost-effective addition to your experiential repertoire. Includes a mini-manual with 24 games and activities. Grab and go!

Unit Cost: $189.00   Unit Weight: 6 lbs.


Program Bag

prog_gamebag.jpgOur biggest game bag is home base for the adventure practitioner. The Program Bag contains our favorite, most reliable games and initiatives as well as powerful debrief tools. Each bag comes with our Game Bag Manual, which contains 52 games and initiatives to play with the contents of the bag. Reach in and go!

Unit Cost: $1250.00   Unit Weight: 50 lbs.


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