Blocked Perspective

Thumbnail image for Blocked Perspective.jpgNew from High 5! Blocked Perspective helps to improve communication and allows the practice of healthy conflict by group discovery of the value of differing perspectives. Participants in group sizes of six to thirty are challenged to accurately re-create block structures. Each kit comes in a carrying case with 50 blocks, 25 photographs, instructions and 5 variations for level of challenge and adaptations allowing your groups to have multiple experiences with same initiative. You'll want this for your bag of tricks!

Unit Cost: $48.00   Unit Weight: 5 lbs.


Keypunch Kit

Key-Punch.jpgChallenge your group to touch all 30 spots in numbered sequence within a given time. You can easily adjust the level of difficulty for your different audiences. Includes 30 numbered spot markers in a mesh bag, with detailed instructions.

Unit Cost: $59.99   Unit Weight: 1.0 lbs.


Object Retrieval Kit

object-retriva.jpgChallenge your group to retrieve objects out of a no touch zone using only the materials provided. Make up a story about this area (appropriate for your audience of course)-an endangered species habitat, sleeping alligator pit or a nuclear waste zone. Includes 6 pieces of webbing, a bucket, 20 balls, two 5' bungee cords, 50 feet of boundary rope and directions, all in a mesh bag.

Unit Cost: $99.00   Unit Weight: 0.5 lbs.


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