Liability Release


Misapplication of Products

High 5 sells all products with the understanding that the purchaser is familiar with their safe use and correct application. We assume no responsibility for the use or misapplication of any product we sell.

Improper Use of Equipment

High 5 Adventure Learning Center is not responsible for any damages resulting from abuse, proper or improper use of this equipment. Responsibility for design and use decisions rest with the user.

Remember that any product will break if abused, misused or overused. Never exceed the workload limit, safe working load or rated capacity. No product can keep operating at its rated capacity indefinitely. Inspect regularly to help determine when to replace a product and reduce hazards, and keep inspection records.

Important Information for the Buyer

  • The purchaser or user of the products is responsible for reading the product instructions and labels.
  • Do not alter the product in any way or exceed the limitations of the equipment or the user's skills.
  • Use adequate safety precautions. 
  • Replace the equipment according to recommended guidelines or when wear is evident.
  • Destroy, rather than discard, items that have been retired or judged defective. Someone not aware of the hazard of these items might use them.

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