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Flip Side

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Have your group sit in a circle and place the cards in the middle of the circle, single image side up. Have the group members choose a card that represents a strength they see in the group. After sharing out the strengths, have the group flip the card over and look at the multi-image side of their card. Have the group identify an image on the multi-image side of their card that represents a weakness or something of which the group needs to be cautious. Other possible scenarios: Pick a single image to represent something that happened in the past... flip side image of something they are looking forward to in the future. Other flip side questions...???

Am I the Butterfly?

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For any size group. Played with the Single image side.

Give a card to everyone in the group. Be sure no one looks at the single image side of their card. Have participants hold the card to their forehead so that everyone else can see the single image but they cannot. Participants mingle around the group asking yes/no questions in an attempt to figure out what card they have. (Am I an animal?, Am I a toy?, Am I red?)
This activity works well after they have played with the cards a bit as they are starting to get comfortable with the images and have committed many of them to memory.
If you do this early on, groups will have difficulty basing questions on characteristics of the specific images but may be able to figure it out solely based on a 20 questions style questioning.