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Find and Free

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Create a large play space; large enough for people to properly engage in a game of tag.

Give each player a card, except for the person chosen to be it. They don't get anything except for maybe a noodle for tagging. When you say "Game on", the "IT" player begins running about tagging fleeing players if they can. When a player is tagged they become frozen in place and hold out their card (multi-image). Other players may free frozen players by matching an object on their card to one on the card of the frozen player without being tagged. The frozen player may not help identify the match, only the player attempting to free the frozen player may call the match. When a match is made players exchange cards. The game will continue for some time so end appropriately.

Partner Find Squared

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Creatively pair participants before giving each of them an Ubuntu Card. Invite the participant to stand back to back with their partner. Participants must remain back to back while challenging other pairs to a fast find. Two players, from opposite teams, face each other before counting down from 3 to 1. On 1, they show their multi-image side of the card and quickly attempt to identify the match. However the two competing players holding the cards cannot name the object but rather describe it to their partner behind them. The partner not able to see the card must yell out the name of the matching object to win the round. After each round switch cards and find a new pair to challenge.