Sharks in the Pool

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This is a tag game. Give each player a card making sure several of the cards have a shark on the multi image side. No one may look at their card until the game begins. On your signal, players look at their card. If their card has a shark on it, they are it. The sharks chase after players and attempt to tag them. If they tag a player, they challenge them to match (both players show their multi image side and the first person to identify the match wins). If the shark wins the other player becomes a shark too. If the player wins they are free to go and shark must spin three times saying the Jaws theme (da na, da na, da na). A shark with a shark card is always a shark. A player that was turned into a shark acts as a shark tagging other players and challenging them to a match. If they win they remain a shark and the other player becomes a shark too. If they lose they turn back to a fish and are no longer it. The game ends when all the fish are sharks or they run out of steam.

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