Squirrel Hunt

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Give a card to each person in the group. Challenge everyone to pair up and find a matching item on their cards. Once they are successful, have them switch cards with their partner, move on to a new person and repeat the activity. The game continues until one player is able to "kill a squirrel". In order to "kill a squirrel" a player must find a matching set of Squirrels with another persons card and be the first to yell out "SQUIRREL!"

Variation: Set a time for play(like two minutes each round). In each round, players try to kill as many squirrels as possible, getting a point each time they match a set of squirrels and yell "Squirrel". If a player kills a squirrel they may keep their card. In all other circumstances players exchange cards after each match.

NOTE: No Squirrels were harmed in the facilitation of this activity

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