Ubuntu Prediction

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Have the group choose a card to be the group card. Place that card multi-image side up so that everyone can see the images. The remainder of the deck is placed in a pile or held in the facilitator's hand, single-image side up. The group agrees upon and announces an image from the group card. The object of the activity is for the group to choose an image that will NOT be the matching image on the next card flipped from the deck. The facilitator flips over the top card in the deck. If the image chosen from the group card is NOT the matching image on the flipped card, the team gets a point. The group continues to choose a new image for each new card that is flipped over. The game ends when the image chosen is the matching image with the flipped card. Can you get through the whole deck?
Version of Prediction (Playing With a Full Deck, M. Cummings)

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