Secret Card

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Activity shared by Tara Pocock

All of the cards are placed single image side up and each participant thinks of a card that best represents their personality, a strength, a hidden talent, a fear, or just about anything else you may want the focus of a group discussion to be. Participants take turns asking one player questions about his or her secret card ie. "is your card red". If the persons secret card is red the group removes all but the red cards and if the secret card is not red remove all the red cards. It is good to ask if the chosen card is still in play before proceeding on to the next question. The round ends when only the one secret card remains. To continue to the next round place all the cards back in the middle and ask questions to the next participant about their secret card.

Variation: This game can also be played where participants choose a card that represents a positive quality about someone else in the group.
Thank you Tara for sending in this great activity and helping us spread Ubuntu. We look forward to more!

Toy or Tool

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This activity creates some interesting conversations about perspective and perceptions in a large group but can be played with smaller groups as well.
Place a rope in the middle of the room or delineate the 2 sides of the play space in some way. Each person in the group should have an Ubuntu Card. Looking at the Single Image side, participants should decide if they think the image is of a tool or a toy. The facilitator can then ask everyone who identified a tool to move to one side of the space and all that identified a toy to move to the other side. If playing with a small group you can trade out cards for new cards and play again.

The strength of this activity is in the conversation after participants choose toy or tool. Is everyone in agreement or do people see things differently?

Flip Side

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Have your group sit in a circle and place the cards in the middle of the circle, single image side up. Have the group members choose a card that represents a strength they see in the group. After sharing out the strengths, have the group flip the card over and look at the multi-image side of their card. Have the group identify an image on the multi-image side of their card that represents a weakness or something of which the group needs to be cautious. Other possible scenarios: Pick a single image to represent something that happened in the past... flip side image of something they are looking forward to in the future. Other flip side questions...???