Blog Month: March 2019

Road to High 5 with Chris

 Episode 5 – Chris Damboise Description: Chris talks to Phil about his background in climbing, having issues with ducks and his regrets around not learning to play the recorder. Show Notes: [00:06:35]  Beyond Basics – ACCT Level 2 Training – Adventure Basics Training – [00:07:35]  Outward Bound – Hurricane Island – [00:08:40]  Acadia Mountain […]

Road to High 5 with Tom

Episode 3 – Tom Miller Show Notes: [00:01:15] The following is a list of places Tom mentioned working at before working for High 5. Trinity College: University of Denver: St. Paul’s School: Aloha Foundation: Ketchum: [00:04:50] Wellesley College: We also have worked with Wellesley College Student Council, bringing them […]

Road to High 5 with Anne Louise

Episode 4 – Anne Louise Wagner Description: Anne Louise talks to Phil about studying to become a teacher, being involved in the community and singing Moana out loud in a car. Show Notes: [00:01:08] Hartwick College: Awakening Program: [00:04:00] SIT Graduate Institute:  [00:09:05] Adventure Basics Training –

Road to High 5 with Jamie

Episode 2 – Jamie Thibodeau Description: Jamie talks to Phil about growing up in Maine, duffle bags of Lego pieces, and living the remainder of his life as Optimus Prime. Show Notes: [00:01:00] The upstate New York camp mentioned can be found here: [00:02:35] FFA stands for Future Farmers of America [00:04:23] Dr. Stuart […]

Road to High 5 with Rich

Episode 1 – Rich Keegan Show Notes: [00:01:37] Project Adventure is an ACCT vendor based out of Beverly, MA [00:02:11] Dr. Stuart Brown’s book; Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul, is worth reading and can be found here; [00:03:57] Renbrook Summer Adventure – [00:05:22] Beyond Basics […]

Road to High 5 – Trailer

 Show Notes: In this series of episodes, Phil Brown, High 5 Lead Trainer, interviews members of the High 5 team. Members of the Training, Building, Operations and Edge of Leadership teams share their stories about their Road to High 5.