Podcast Interview with Taylor

Episode 8 – Taylor Hillsgrove Description: Taylor talks to Phil about starting at High 5 at an early age, being a sour patch kid and jumping all the way to the moon.

Podcast Interview With Todd

Episode 7 – Todd Brown Description: Todd talks to Phil about his thoughts on the changing challenge course industry, the many variations of coleslaw and adding hot sauce to salty foods.  

Podcast Interview with Ryan

 Episode 6 – Ryan McCormick Description: Ryan talks to Phil about prop bags weighing more than he does, being influenced by The Wizard of Oz and life as a Gummi Bear.

Sweeping the Sheds

Sweep the Sheds: A Powerful Concept for Team Building By Jim Grout There are stacks of books in my office and the largest is about team building. One book stands out from the rest, it’s LEGACY, about New Zealand’s All Blacks rugby team. Subtitled What the All Blacks Have to Teach Us about the Business […]

Podcast Interview with Chris

 Episode 5 – Chris Damboise Description: Chris talks to Phil about his background in climbing, having issues with ducks and his regrets around not learning to play the recorder. Show Notes: [00:06:35]  Beyond Basics – ACCT Level 2 Training – Adventure Basics Training – [00:07:35]  Outward Bound – Hurricane Island – [00:08:40]  Acadia Mountain […]

Podcast Interview with Tom

Episode 3 – Tom Miller Show Notes: [00:01:15] The following is a list of places Tom mentioned working at before working for High 5. Trinity College: University of Denver: St. Paul’s School: Aloha Foundation: Ketchum: [00:04:50] Wellesley College: We also have worked with Wellesley College Student Council, bringing them […]

Podcast Interview with Anne Louise

Episode 4 – Anne Louise Wagner Description: Anne Louise talks to Phil about studying to become a teacher, being involved in the community and singing Moana out loud in a car. Show Notes: [00:01:08] Hartwick College: Awakening Program: [00:04:00] SIT Graduate Institute:  [00:09:05] Adventure Basics Training –

Podcast Interview with Jamie

Episode 2 – Jamie Thibodeau Description: Jamie talks to Phil about growing up in Maine, duffle bags of Lego pieces, and living the remainder of his life as Optimus Prime. Show Notes: [00:01:00] The upstate New York camp mentioned can be found here: [00:02:35] FFA stands for Future Farmers of America [00:04:23] Dr. Stuart […]

Podcast Interview with Rich

Episode 1 – Rich Keegan Show Notes: [00:01:37] Project Adventure is an ACCT vendor based out of Beverly, MA [00:02:11] Dr. Stuart Brown’s book; Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul, is worth reading and can be found here; [00:03:57] Renbrook Summer Adventure – [00:05:22] Beyond Basics […]

Road to High 5 – Trailer

 Show Notes: In this series of episodes, Phil Brown, High 5 Lead Trainer, interviews members of the High 5 team. Members of the Training, Building, Operations and Edge of Leadership teams share their stories about their Road to High 5.