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Tinker Talk: Strategies to End Your Workshop

Episode 43 – Strategies to End Your Workshop Description: It’s the follow-up episode to last week’s Podcast about beginnings.  The Training Team  (Phil Brown, Rich Keegan, Chris Damboise, and Lisa Hunt) discuss how they end a program or workshop with a group. Saying goodbye, closing activities, and when to reflect with the group are covered […]

Tinker Talk: Strategies to Start Your Workshop

Episode 42 – Strategies to Start Your Workshop Description: The Training Team (Phil, Rich, Chris, and Lisa) discuss how they begin a program or workshop with a group.  Join the lively conversation that covers activities that set the tone, strategies to connect with the group early on, and coping with awkward silences.

On the Road to Gengras Center School

Episode 41 – On the Road to Gengras Center School Description: Jeff Dutko and Arlette Cassidy from the Gengras Center in West Hartford, CT, sat down with their good friend and High 5 Trainer, Rich Keegan, to talk and reminisce about their incredible work at Gengras, a state-approved private special education school in Connecticut.  Rich […]

Trainer Tips – P-Cord Management

Episode 40 – Managing P-cord on Your Challenge Course Description: In this episode of Trainer Tips, Phil and Rich spend 15 minutes discussing tips for managing the use of P-cords on Challenge Courses. Topics include replacing the rope, stacking them out of the way and appropriate P-cord length.  

Facilitation Tips – Invite More Group Participation

Episode 39 – 2 Tips to Improve Group Experiences Description: What do 1st impressions have to do with Challenge Course experiences?  The short answer is plenty.  Phil Brown shares two no fail tips to enhance participant experiences on the Challenge Course.  These tips help facilitators and participants maximize their time together and boost learning for […]

On The Road with Meg Bolger

Episode 38 – Meet Meg Bolger – Social Justice Facilitator Description: Meg talks with Phil about social justice facilitation, coping with your triggers and her upcoming new product, Facilitator Cards. Find out more about Meg and Facilitator Cards here:

Tinker Talk – All Talked Up In KNOTS

Episode 37 – All Talked Up In KNOTS Description: December 18th is World Knot Tying Day, marking the birthday of legendary knot enthusiast and author Clifford Ashley. To celebrate the legacy of Clifford Ashley, the training team convened to talk about knots, knots and more knots. #worldknottyingday

Tinker Talk – The Struggle is Real

Episode 36 – Tinker Talk, The Struggle is Real Description: Companion episode to our recent Blog Post – A Force To Be Reckoned With: The Helium Hoop.  A trio of High 5 Trainers, Lisa Hunt, Rich Keegan, and Phil Brown discuss intentionally adding struggle and frustration into their programming.

On the Road with Dr. Chris Cavert

Episode 35 – Meet Dr. Chris Cavert, Team Building Trainer Description: Chris talks with Phil about the influence summer camp had on him, the importance of defining your mission and vision and the power in sharing and adding to your stories. Find more about Chris at  

Name the Game Continues – Games from 1924 & 1956

Episode 34 –  Learn How to Play Gardener and Scamp & Bull in the Ring Description: Ryan, Rich, Sam, and Phil look through antique gamebooks (some over 100 years old) with the task of identifying how to play the game with only the name and a few other clues to help. In this episode, the […]