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On the Road with Amy Climer

Episode 27 – Amy Climer, Experiential Facilitator Description: Amy talks with Phil about her advice to students when embarking on a career in experiential education, thoughts on the future of the industry and also a couple of tips and insights on Climer Cards.  You can see them here…

On The Road With Customers in Maine

Episode 26 – On The Road With High 5 Customers – Camp Agawam Description: Chris Damboise, Director of Training & Team Development, speaks with Karen (Assistant Director) and Patrick (Head Counselor) about the history of Camp Agawam (over 100 years old!), building a new challenge course, and the multiple benefits it provides to campers and […]

Trainer Tips: EGO Control

Episode 25 – How Ego Can Get In The Way of Adventure Education Description: Jim Grout, Executive Director of High 5, discusses how one’s ego can be problematic when operating a challenge course and when facilitating groups.  Conversely, Jim explains how being a “chameleon” can help when teaching others.

Facilitation Tips: Overcoming Overuse of an Activity

Episode 24 – How We Reframe Popular Activities Description: Tinkering with activities leads to many positive outcomes, but it can also result in some pitfalls for even the most experienced Facilitator.  In this episode of Tinker Talk, the Training team of Phil, Jim, Chris, and Lisa, discuss the reality of recycling popular activities with groups, […]

On the Road with Adventure Practitioner Justin

Episode 23 – The Field of Adventure Ed Description: Rich Keegan, former ESPN producer and now High 5 Lead Trainer, takes the microphone on the road and chats with a longtime friend of High 5 and colleague in Adventure Ed, Justin McGlamery.   They explore the When, What, Why, and How one gets started in […]

Facilitation Tips: MISTAKES

Episode 22 – How We Handle Mistakes in Our Craft Description: Mistakes can occur in the work that we do and these can result in many different outcomes ranging from the more common such as not meeting a group’s needs to the hopefully rare outcome of physical injury. The Training team (Phil, Chris, Lisa, and […]

On The Road with Summer Camp Customers

Episode 21 – On The Road With High 5 Customers – Summer Camp Description: Longtime customer, Alicia from Fernwood Cove,  talks with Phil about making Summer Camp a full-time career, the benefits of professional training and tiny tiny pocket horses.

Facilitation Tips: Maintaining Energy Levels

Episode 20 – Managing Energy Levels as a Facilitator Description: Warm weather months often result in busy calendars for trainers.  Inevitably, back-to-back programming can lead to low energy.  A quorum of training team members, Phil, Chris, Lisa, and Jim, talk about how they manage their energy levels during the busy training seasons and the impact […]

Road to High 5 with Ian

Episode 18 – Ian Doak Description: Ian talks to Phil about the joy of designing challenge courses, having a strong work ethic and eating too much Fish & Chips on the road.