Pam Nuovo

Communications Manager

Pam joined High 5 in 2016, and took on a new role as the Communications specialist in 2018.  She manages all aspects of the marketing and communications effort that includes a healthy dose of collaborating with all High 5 teams.  As she puts it, “I’m energized by my co-workers who bring boundless creativity and purpose to their work. From innovative products to the unique organizational culture that embraces the formula practice what you teach, there is never a deficit of compelling stories to share about the important community-building experiences taking place daily at High 5.”

Pam started her career in marketing and recruitment at Boston University Law School and continued to work with students while she managed a summer internship program at a private law firm.  More recently, she returned to higher education and served as the Internship Coordinator at Amherst College, until she started on a new adventure at High 5.

Pam received her B.S. in Business Administration, from the University of Vermont, and then attended Boston University’s Graduate Program in International Relations. From her perspective “experiential education speaks in a universal language that can be understood by all who come under its spell.  Students from around the globe visit our challenge course, and for many of them, English is not their first language. Language is no barrier, because our work builds connections, and furthers cultural understanding, even in the absence of words. That is human connection at its best, communicating through actions.”   

In 2016, she gave up her Vermont license plate to move to the Pioneer Valley with her family.  She continues to analyze why moving south to Massachusetts has resulted in more snow each winter, but that’s fine since she loves to snowshoe.  She’s an avid yoga practitioner and outdoor enthusiast, and one day hopes to finish hiking the VT Long Trail end-to-end.