Chip Wood Discusses Relational Trust


Episode #7: Chip Wood returns to EOL Podcast, this time joined by Phil Brown, Jim Grout, Beth Buoro, and Anne Louise Wagner. Today’s discussion revolves around relational trust, a concept based on relationships in schools between teachers and students, with other teachers, with parents and principals. The conversation starts with a brief overview of Chip’s involvement in various programs related to the concept. Following this, he explains the social and emotional learning aspects of each. Through this, Chip shares the impact that these programs have had on students, teachers, and the broader community.

Later on, the conversation moves towards the origins of relational trust theory and the research conducted in the 1990s by a team from the University of Chicago, Department of Sociology. Chip explains the significance of this research to school reform.*  It’s here where the cast really delves deep into the concept and explores its 4 key aspects. In a school setting: Respect, Competence, Personal Regard for Others, and Integrity.

Towards the end of the episode, Beth, Anne Louise, and Jim Grout bring their perspectives into the picture. Beth explores her relationship with trust as a teacher, Anne Louise reflects on past EOL summer programs, and Jim relates moments from an impactful High 5 workshop that revolved around trust. Stick around after the outro for a movie recommendation from Chip for educators to learn more about creating a school environment centered on trust.

Chip Wood is joining High 5 for a year-long collaboration with Edge of Leadership in his role as a co-developer and facilitator of Leading Together, an initiative of the Center for Courage & Renewal, Northeast located in Massachusetts.

Additional Information

*See Trust in Schools: A Core Resource for Improvement by Anthony S. Bryk and Barbara Schneider. Russell Sage Foundation. New York. 2002. And other subsequent books by this team.

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