Annual Adventure Practitioners Symposium

We're really excited about this one, folks! We've stuffed the schedule with tons of knowledge, activities and fun stuff to jump-start you into spring. Have you been to our Annual Symposium? Come back for more - this one's gonna be a doozie! If you've never attended... buckle up! The symposium is a day - for both you and us - to re-energize, learn something new, make a new friend or five, and share our passion for what we do.
Workshops Scheduled:
  • Try Something New 2 - Phil Brown & Ryan McCormick
  • Adapting Adventure Programs - Marty Daigle
  • Do This But Don't Do That - Stephanie Globus-Hoenich & Jim Grout
  • You Just Got Gamified! - Rich Keegan & Brian LeBlanc
  • Reclaiming Conversation - Jim Grout & Ryan McCormick
  • Not Just for Play: The integration of challenge course activities with academic and social-emotional curriculums - Shelly Gibson
  • The Cube - Anne Louise Wagner
  • Creating (Trans)gender Inclusive Environments: Trans 101 - Meg Bolger
  • Decoding the Loading - Rich Klajnscek
  • Managing Your Triggers as a Facilitator - Meg Bolger
  • Tinker! - Lisa Hunt & Stephanie Globus-Hoenich
  • Mindset: A journey toward your ideal facilitator self - Angie Veatch & Carley Elkin
  • Breakout Box - Chris Ortiz
  • How We Teach Knots - Phil Brown & Krister Raasoch
  • Make Asking, Consenting, and Rejection an Adventure - Chris Wanner
  • Voyageur Tour - Gary Hillsgrove & the Installation Team
  • Participant Belays - Anne Louise Wagner & Chris Damboise
  • Analyzing Near Misses: Lisa Hunt, Ian Doak & Chris Damboise


  • Course Length: 8 hrs

Annual Adventure Practitioners Symposium


This training is on March 24, 2018.

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