It’s a square, it’s a web, it’s High 5’s NEW initiative: the KYooB!  Our spin on the classic Spider’s Web activity is designed with purpose and portability.  We created a sturdy, group friendly low element that can be assembled quickly and used in all settings from classrooms to camp forests.  An activity guide includes 18 activities to jump-start your web activities!

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High 5 set out to recreate a classic activity, but through a process full of organic and unexpected discoveries, we ended up creating something new. High 5 is happy to introduce the KYooB (Cube), an innovative redesign from the ground up that takes the classic Spider’s Web initiative to new dimensions. The KYooB is lightweight and portable allowing for easier indoor and classroom use, and far more versatile with the number of activities it offers compared to a traditional web. Equally impressive is the KYooB’s capacity to accommodate groups of up to 25 people.

The 5’ by 5’ KYooB frame features 24 easy-clip attachment points allowing participants to create and manipulate their own webs. Each side can take on a multitude of patterns and challenge levels using a single-strand length of shock cord. With participants taking on the set up and creation of the KYooB, the physical preparation is minimal and storage between use easy to manage.

One of the greatest features of the KYooB is its versatility and variable range of uses. Although perfectly fine by itself, the KYooB can easily serve as the central prop for an entire sequence of warm-ups, problem-solving initiatives, and low elements. We’ve found participants enjoy building the KYooB as much as designing webs and solving challenging initiatives. We invite you now to take advantage of activities from each of these sections and be playful when creating your next sequence.

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Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 64 × 9 × 9 in