Challenge Course Inspection & Repair Services

Annual inspections are critical to successful program operation, a standard established by the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) that High 5® supports, and in some states is mandated. After a thorough inspection by High 5’s team of all high and low elements and your climbing equipment, we’ll provide a detailed written report on the current condition of your course and its operational safety, and note the repairs that we recommend.

Our reports are not simply pass/fail. You will be given details of the condition of an element, recommendations for using it most effectively, and opinions as to when it might need attention or repair in the future. We believe that by giving the most detailed information, you are best able to plan ahead for future maintenance. Challenge course owners can expect to make periodic repairs of elements and replacement of worn equipment, based on age and frequency of use. We’ll guide you through our recommendations and work with you to balance the necessary updates with your budget. 

If your course needs repairs, click the Contact Us button below or reach out by phone – the sooner the better! Helpful Tip: Check your Inspection Report once you receive it so we can schedule your next project.

Questions about the regulations in your state? You can find your state’s regulations here.