Challenge Course Design & Installation

Our Challenge Course Services (CCS) team specializes in designing challenge course programs for educational use, group development, and self-discovery purposes, serving our mission of empowering people, building connections, and creating change. Our design and installation department has unprecedented experience, training, and skills that they bring to each design and installation. They are dedicated to their craft, and committed to providing top-notch customer service to all who embark on building a challenge course program. We have been an accredited member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology and Professional Vendor Member (PVM) since 2002.

From initial outreach to installation to ongoing support and consulting, High 5’s process is different. Our CCS department will guide you through every phase of planning, installation, and ongoing maintenance. Our approach is intentional, we want to know about your program goals and what you hope to achieve with it. We’re going to ask about your organization and the people it serves, and then we will custom-design a course for your organization that will help you serve your mission. We’re going to make sure you understand the commitment that challenge course ownership entails. Only then will we amaze you with what we can provide to specifically address your needs, and you’ll start changing people’s lives with it.  If you are interested in learning more and working with our CCS team, click the  “Contact Us” button below to get started today.

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What to Expect When Building a Challenge Course Program​

Challenge courses go beyond elements, cable and wood. The best programs also have highly-trained, committed and dynamic people operating the course and running the program. That’s what makes the program successful. And we’ll not only build your course, we’ll support you all along the way. Our services go beyond installation. When you partner with High 5® you get an ongoing resource for knowledge and experience. We aim to build ongoing, trusted relationships with customers and programs that utilize our full services and believe that one-time inspection or repair services do not serve your program’s best interest. Here are some FAQs for starting an adventure program at your site.

“High 5 has sent us on this amazing journey. The youth were engaging in this new adventure are just soaking it up as it creates the opportunity for self-worth through self-efficacy. We leave them with an instant in their lives that will be with them for years.”

Russell Throckmorten, SSG Alaska National Guard