Keene Laboratory Schools

High 5®, with support from C&S Wholesale Grocers, has partnered with the Keene School District to bring Edge of Leadership® (EOL) to every school in the district. The impact of this public-private-nonprofit educational partnership has been significant and comes to life in the video here…

In 2012, High 5 began a pilot program in a single Keene elementary school. Now, nine years later, EOL has expanded district-wide, including students and teachers in grades 5, 6, 7, and high school. Our EOL educators spend the school year in classrooms, and on the Challenge Course, working directly with students and helping teachers use EOL concepts to improve the learning environment and academic outcomes in their classrooms. EOL is a program prioritizing leadership development, through adventure education and social and emotional learning. The program in Keene has become the ultimate demonstration of EOL’s success, showcasing the wide and growing application of EOL concepts in the educational experience.

The program undergoes professional evaluation every year, through analysis of outcomes and feedback from teachers. Those outcomes have demonstrated the following:

  • Growing levels of social intelligence, mature decision-making, and self-awareness in students as noted by teachers
  • Increase in teacher’s implementation of EOL learning in their instructional approaches
  • Improvement in the teacher’s ability to shape a more positive learning environment
  • Integration of EOL as a central organizing theme of whole-school culture
  • Continuity of connection with students and teachers during remote learning 

EOL Programs

Elementary Schools

The EOL Elementary School program provides each student in grade 5 with monthly classroom sessions throughout the school year, as well as  two Challenge Course experiences at High 5 Adventure Learning Center. 

Middle School

The EOL Middle School program provides each student in grades 6 and  7 with monthly classroom sessions throughout the school year. For students in 7th grade, their program includes two Challenge Course experiences as well at High 5.  

High School

The primary focus for EOL at Keene High School is to develop a core Student Leadership Team. Students on this team begin by attending the EOL Summer Program at High 5. From there, the team sets goals and creates action plans for coordinating and facilitating community events throughout the year. The team meets regularly throughout the school year.

Our EOL Summer Program continues to rebuild after a pandemic pause. In 2023, 23 students and 5 adults from Greater Lowell Technical High School joined us for three days of meaningful and challenging activities to build leadership skills. After pausing the program for two summers, it was beyond fantastic to have folks back at High 5 for our foundational program.

2022-2023 EOL Year End Report