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Welcome aboard! 52 Fathoms are classic playing cards reimagined for the adventurous facilitator and educator. Playing cards have long been a go-to team-building prop for groups and teams. 52 Fathoms neatly fits into that go-to prop category but has a wide range of uses, from conversation starters to fun and frantic games, team building, and processing activities. Featuring a distinctive nautical illustrative style, these playing cards not only inspire engaging conversations and storytelling but also encourage dynamic movement and thoughtful reflection.

📌 About 52 Fathoms

52 Fathoms cards are great for groups ranging in size from 8 – 25 participants. There are 54 cards in a deck, including two Jokers. They are a tool for teaching and learning about ourselves, others, and the community and are designed to inspire meaningful connections, foster creativity, and encourage storytelling and community building. As a bonus, use them as a traditional deck of cards, like a lively game of Go Fish!

📋 How to Use Your Cards 

Getting started is easy! Click the button below to download 6 activities that include:

  • How Are We Connected?
  • Lost at Sea
  • 52 Fathoms
  • Story Island
  • People Sorting
  • Reflections

🔆 Who Can Use 52 Fathoms? 

52 Fathoms are for all age groups! Whether you’re an educator looking for activities to foster connection in the classroom, a facilitator eager to build conversations with your participants, or a human resources professional seeking to strengthen your team dynamics through play, these cards are your perfect companion.  

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