A Path to Emotional Intelligence and Personal Growth

Emotions by High 5® Resource Guide

Welcome! We are excited for you to discover powerful new ways to encourage your groups to explore their social and emotional learning with Emotions by High 5. From classrooms to workspaces, these versatile cards are a valuable tool for educators and facilitators who want to enhance emotional intelligence and personal growth in others. We’re grateful for your interest in Emotions by High 5, and excited to share this pathway to learning with you.

 🔆  About Emotions By High 5 Flashcards

These unique cards are designed to enhance emotional literacy, develop essential skills for managing emotions, and facilitate meaningful discussions. Each card features an emotion or feeling ranging from joy to sadness, excitement to fear. The cards span a range of emotions, empowering individuals to identify and understand their feelings through engaging activities. By sharing their emotional experiences, individuals realize that their feelings are not unique and have been experienced by others, fostering a sense of connection and support.

Emotions Cards Calm Sad Afraid Estatic

🔆 Who Can Use These Cards?

Everyone can use these versatile cards! Whether you’re an educator looking for unique activities to foster classroom culture and emotional literacy, an out-of-school professional seeking to support social and emotional learning with your students, or a facilitator seeking a tool for your team development work with diverse groups across the age spectrum, these cards are an ideal choice.

🔆 How to Use Your Emotions Flashcards 

Starting is easy! Click the button below to download 13 card deck activities. Take a peek at the Table of Contents to see what’s inside, and then download your guide with easy-to-use step-by-step instructions.

🔆 What is Included on Each Card?

Each of the 57 double-sided cards includes a unique emotion depicted on one side with a thought-provoking question related to that emotion. These questions inspire group discussions and encourage sharing experiences and perspectives. The reverse side of each card adds an exciting twist to the learning experience and provides endless opportunities for play-based, interactive learning.

Emotions cards front and back

🔆 Mood Meter Compatible 

Emotions by High 5 is designed to be used in conjunction with the Mood Meter, a tool developed by Yale’s Center for Emotional Intelligence. The meter helps people of all ages develop emotional awareness and a better understanding of the influence emotions may have on our behavior, a key first step in developing practical emotional management skills.

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