Colin Morton

Assistant Builder

Joining the High 5 building team in 2022, Colin brings an enduring appreciation for the outdoors coupled with gratifying years of experience as an Assistant Director of a ropes course at a summer camp – a winning combination. From his perspective, which is often up high in the trees, he says “working in the trees – while it can be hard, the tradeoff is worth it – amazing views and working in a variety of places and on a diversity of projects with the best Professional Vendor Member in the Northeast building team around.” As each project wraps up, he feels confident and grateful to be part of a team that “builds amazing experiences.” 

When he’s not working, you can usually find Colin outdoors rock climbing or kayaking; he also has a great passion for board and tabletop games. Steadily, he continues to pursue a degree in Outdoor and Adventure Education, a natural extension of his love of the outdoors and his work as a builder at High 5.