Nancy Heydinger

EOL Department Manager

Nancy is the Department Manager for the Edge of Leadership. She is passionate about youth development and empowerment through experiential learning. With over 20 years of experience in non-profit and program management, including serving as the Executive Director of Girls on the Run Vermont, Nancy is eager to support the EOL team and broaden opportunities for the program. 

After spending time in the classroom with EOL colleagues, Nancy observed “The combination of outdoor adventure experiences with classroom-based social-emotional learning has a transformative power that aligns with my passion for developing courage, confidence, and leadership through physical activity and experiential learning. There is something uniquely powerful about the learning that occurs when individuals engage physically and emotionally in challenges that test and build their capabilities.” She plans to spend more time in the classrooms and on the challenge course witnessing young leaders in action, seeing their determination to solve problems, and observing their growth through hands-on learning. What she loves most about the work is fostering significant and sustainable personal growth through experiential learning.

Learning something new is always on Nancy’s radar, especially activities that allow her to connect with others and try new things. In her free time, Nancy hikes, bikes, runs and is learning to play tennis.