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Back to School, Back to Adventure with Mark Friedrich

Back to School, Back to Adventure with Mark Friedrich Vertical Playpen Podcast

Back to School, Back to Adventure with Mark Friedrich Adventure Education Programs in School – Mark Friedrich Description Episode 150: Do you operate an Adventure Education program in a school?  Are you interested in starting or expanding an Adventure Program at your location? Join host Phil Brown and guest, Mark Friedrich from  Milburn High School […]

How To Learn Names

How To Learn Names Vertical Playpen Podcast

How To Learn Names Tips For Learning Names Description Episode 148: Do you find learning names challenging? You are not alone. Not everyone has easy recall upon meeting new people, so don’t fret. In this “Listener Question” episode, host Phil Brown offers multiple tips on how to learn names of participants. It’s an important skill […]

How To Encourage Participation

How To Encourage Participation Vertical Playpen Podcast

How To Encourage Participation Tips to Encourage Participation Description Episode 147: Have you ever encountered a “reluctant” participant? In our work as facilitators, it’s more likely than not, that all participants may not be eager or comfortable engaging in activities. If you struggle with how to engage participants in activities, then stick with Phil. In […]

Traveling Stories

Traveling Stories Vertical Playpen Podcast

Traveling Stories Traveling Stories with Trainers Traveling Description Episode 146: Join High 5 Trainers Phil Brown and Rich Keegan as they travel together to a training. Truth be told, many great conversations go unrecorded when traveling for work. Traveling stories with trainers traveling is a bit of a tongue twister, but Phil and Rich really […]

Careers In Adventure

Careers In Adventure Vertical Playpen Podcast

Careers In Adventure Careers in the Adventure Field Description Episode 145: Are you looking for a career in the field of adventure? You are in the right place. Today’s episode focuses on mapping career paths in the Adventure industry. Of course, there are many entry points into the industry including roles as adventure educators, challenge […]

High 5’s Got Talent

High 5’s Got Talent Vertical Playpen Podcast

High 5’s Got Talent High 5’s Got Talent – A Playful Episode! Description Episode 144: High 5’s Got Talent VPP episode is not quite a sequel to America’s Got Talent. However, we’ll let you be the judge of it. This episode is pure playfulness. At the very least, we hope it puts a smile on […]

How To Store Your Gear

How To Store Your Gear Vertical Playpen Podcast

How To Store Your Gear Storing Your Challenge Course Gear Description Episode 142: How do you store your challenge course gear? In this 15-minute episode Phil Brown shares his recommendations for gear storage to support your program. Staying organized can enhance your program in numerous ways. Let’s get started with gear storage recommendations aimed at […]

Summer Camp Training Takeaways

Summer Camp Training Takeaways Vertical Playpen Podcast

Summer Camp Training Takeaways Summer Camp Training Takeaways 2022 Description Episode 141: Summer camp training season recently wrapped up for our training team. In this episode, host Phil Brown shares five important takeaways for participants and managers of ropes courses to consider in the grand scheme of solid and safe skill development. Topics and Questions […]

Preparing Participants For Struggle

Preparing Participants For Struggle Vertical Playpen Podcast

Preparing Participants for Struggle Preparing Participants for Struggle on Ropes Course Description Episode 140: The aerial challenge course experience is different for every participant. It can push people out of their comfort zone. When and if that happens, as facilitators, how do we adequately prepare our participants for struggle and frustration on the high ropes […]