Accomplishment vs Achievement Differences


Episode 182: Are there differences between accomplishment and achievement? In this episode, Phil Brown and Lisa Hunt unravel this question.

First, they examine the essence of achievement, a realm where goals are often set externally, driven by the expectations and judgments of others. Then they explore the realm of accomplishment, where individuals set their own goals based on personal growth and learning. By empowering ourselves to define success and progress on our own terms, we explore how accomplishment provides a more intrinsic and fulfilling motivation. 

Drawing connections to the field of adventure education, we explore how educators can inspire and guide learners to cultivate a healthy balance between achievement and accomplishment. We reflect on the importance of encouraging students to set their own goals, fostering a sense of ownership and agency in their learning journeys. 

Questions and Follow Up

  • What did this make you consider regarding the way you work with your participants?
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Additional Resources

“What We Lose When We Push Our Kids To ‘Achieve’ “ by Adam Gopnik, The New York Times Opinion Essay  

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