Adventure Therapy with David Christian and Danny McCarty


Episode 83:  Adventure Therapy changes lives!  This creative and highly purposeful work is the focus of today’s podcast.  Two professors, David Christian, Ph.D., and Danny McCarty, Ph.D., wrote a fascinating journal article “Ubuntu: Using an Adventure Therapy Activity to Assess the Adlerian Lifestyle.” Together, they draw parallels and connections between the impact of Adventure Programming Activities (including Ubuntu cards) and Experiential Learning to Adventure Therapy counseling work. You’ll learn about Adlerian Theory and lifestyle concepts. Plus you’ll discover how David and Danny use Adventure programming activities to help people remove barriers and understand their behaviors more fully.  It’s both humbling and fulfilling to know that Ubuntu cards play an important role in their counseling work.  Enjoy the episode!

Questions Presented in Episode:

  • What was your first interaction with Experiential Learning and or Adventure Learning? 
  • Can you provide more detail about Adventure Therapy and Adventure-Based Counseling?
  • What inspires you to continue to use Adventure Programming in your work?
  • Who is Alfred Adler and what is Adlerian Theory?  
  • Are there some examples of how you utilize Ubuntu cards in your work with adolescents?
  • Can you explain the concept of Social Interest and how Ubuntu cards help one to connect with this concept?

References in Podcast – Links

Ubuntu Journal Article: “Using an Adventure Therapy Activity to Assess the Adlerian Lifestyle.”

Covid-19 Journal Article:  “Experiential Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Reflective Process.

Ubuntu Cards Group on Facebook  – A collaborative experience of sharing activities and learning how others are using Ubuntu cards.

Ubuntu Cards in the High 5 Adventure Store

Find Out More About VPP Guests 

Dr. David D. Christian is a Licensed Professional Counselor/Supervisor, Licensed School Counselor, and assistant professor of Counselor Education and Supervision at the University of Arkansas. He specializes in school counseling, Adventure Therapy, and family interventions aimed to improve the Parent/Adolescent relationship. David is also the director of the Adventure Therapy Lab at the University of Arkansas.

Danny McCarty is an assistant professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of South Alabama. He moved to Mobile, Alabama when he was still a child. His favorite things in life are family and friends and he has two awesome daughters. In just a few days Danny will be celebrating his fifteenth anniversary with his wonderful wife. For work, he is always seeking to creatively apply theory to practice.

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