Audio-Only Facilitation with Michael Ronen and Kyle Kaminsky


Episode 93: VPP host Phil Brown recently connected with Michael Ronen and Kyle Kaminsky on Clubhouse, an audio-only social media platform.  They host the Social Play Club that brings people together in an audio-only immersive experience revolving around concepts of play and community building. Phil attends regularly!  On Clubhouse, they are passionate about defining play as a universal language that connects people around the world. Discover some of their guiding principals, facilitation tips, and how they successfully hold space for others to participate in virtual play.  Listen now to this audio-only experience…

Topics Presented In This Episode

  • Introduction to creating immersive social experiences
  • How they facilitate their social play club on Clubhouse
  • Tips on facilitating when participants join midway through a program
  • Favorite activity to use in an audio-only setting
  • What is the broken objects support group?

Additional Resources

Michael and Kyle on Social Play Club – 


The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

Guest Bios

Kyle Kaminsky

Kyle is an experience designer, event producer, and play enthusiast. He has designed wellness programming for several start ups and is the co-founder of PLAY, an organization dedicated to making the world a more playful place through in-person immersive experiences. His most recent creation, “the silent PLAY experiment”, was featured on NPR. He has created and facilitated corporate team building experiences for 7+ years and worked with companies such as Nestle, McKinsey & Company, and Columbia University to improve company culture and bring more empathy and play to the workplace.

Michael Ronen

Michael is a founder, experience designer, director, digital event producer, and facilitator for the virtual work era. He has produced and directed award winning immersive theatrical events across the EU. He founded tech startups Splash VR: the first VR video camera app, and Spilly: AR/AI camera apps licensed to Giphy Inc. Today Michael consults senior management on strategy, fundraising, and corporate values. As a virtual conference networking facilitator, he recently facilitated DLD and Kinnerent with connecting over 1000 attendees in his method of “digital intimacy”. As a digital producer, he produced and designed the Burning Man multiverse Sparklverse.