Beth Buoro Shares Perspectives on SEL & Inspires Others to Pursue Careers in Education


Episode 13:  Perspectives on SEL are in the EOL Podcast spotlight today with guest Beth Buoro.  In an engaging Q&A session, Beth and host Phil Brown explore a variety of topics centered on SEL and Beth’s distinguished career as an educator and administrator.  Now working with High 5’s Edge of Leadership program, Beth’s enthusiasm and commitment to the field of education unfolds in this exchange. The pair discuss a variety of questions ranging from motivations to enter and stay in the field of education to the challenges faced by educators today.  More specifically, they discuss these questions at length:

  • Are teachers valued in society today?
  • What is the current teaching climate with respect to remote learning?
  • Why is SEL on the rise in schools?
  • How does that compare and contrast to the Character Development education in the 90s
  • What are the highlights of your career in Education?