Careers in the Adventure Field


Episode 145: Are you looking for a career in the field of adventure? You are in the right place.

Today’s episode focuses on mapping career paths in the Adventure industry. Of course, there are many entry points into the industry including roles as adventure educators, challenge course operators, course designers, and more. 

Host Phil Brown helps guide listeners through mapping career paths by sharing excerpts of his recently published article (by the same name) in the 2022 Summer Edition of Adventure Park Insider (API) magazine. In storytelling fashion, he highlights 5 different practitioners’ journeys into their careers in Adventure. 

With over 15 years of experience in the field and over 75 Vertical Playpen interviews related to career advice, Phil bundles this episode with many takeaways. One of the main reasons for creating this podcast was to highlight the journeys of other people who have found careers in the adventure industry. Take it away Phil… 

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