The Challenge Course Certification Process


Episode 70: Chris, Lisa, and Phil discuss the ACCT certification process. Starting off, the training team shares their initial thoughts on the subject. Afterward, Phil delves into the difference between training and challenge course certification. He points out that there is a distinction between earning a training certification and passing the final exam. He then goes on to explain how applying this training is crucial for High 5 trainers to see see how much students have retained. This allows them to better measure their class’ progress throughout the certification process. Following this, Chris provides a detailed overview of how the assessment plays out.

Next, Lisa brings up the question of why would someone would want to be certified. Typically there are three reasons why people want to begin the certification process. These include performing a personal assessment of one’s skills, adding qualifications to one’s resume, or fulfilling a requirement for one’s employer. Chris then delves deeper into the various exam formats, processes, and requirements.

Lastly, the training team goes over how to best prepare for the final exam and common pitfalls they see students fall into as examiners. Chris also introduces the concept of Education – Preparation – Illumination – Certification at this point. Phil emphasizes that participants make use of the review sessions that are held with trainers prior to the final written exam. He says that those who attend, have a drastically higher chance of passing.

To learn more about High 5’s ACCT certification process and available resources, click here.