Civil War Day Experiential Learning with Doug Cramphin


Episode 153: Do you agree that experiential learning is not just something that happens on a ropes course?  VPP guest host, Rich Keegan, sits down with Doug Cramphin, longtime facilitator and educator to discuss the impact of experiential learning beyond the challenge course and within the 4 walls of the classroom.

In this two-part VPP series,  Doug first explains in Part 1 how he was able to bring all that he learned on the ropes course into the classroom.  In his 40-plus years of teaching both elementary and middle school students, he has many stories to share about this topic. They are delightfully engaging and ever so helpful to other educators who are looking for guidance on how to integrate experiential learning into the classroom experience. 

Topics and Questions Presented in this Episode

  • How to bring adventure and experiential education into the classroom
  • Ways to encourage students to take risks in learning environments
  • Methods for using experiential education to teach about history and the Civil War

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