College Outdoor Educator Clint McCarthy


Episode 89: Thinking of pursing a career in Outdoor Education?  Gain some traction in that territory on today’s show with Associate Professor of Outdoor Education at SUNY Adirondack, Clint McCarthy.  Chris Damboise hosts this episode with Clint who he’s known for over 10 years.  Their easy rapport is immediately evident as they begin to discuss what drew Clint to the field, details about SUNY Adirondack’s 2-year associates degree with over 13 different certifications, and more engaging stories about the outdoors.  Clint’s positive disposition and professorial ethos of helping people believe in themselves to develop confidence unfolds throughout this episode.  As Clint speculates, “A good attitude costs you nothing and a bad attitude costs you everything.”  Pick up some important lessons about outdoor education, and take away plenty of key learnings including tips on facilitation, certification and feedback.  

Here are some key talking points in the conversation…

Questions & Topics Presented In This Episode

  • What was you first introduction to Adventure?
  • How do you define adventure?
  • Can you share your first professional experience as an adventure educator? 
  • Has your perspective of adventure changed after becoming a parent? 
  • Thoughts on the impact of technology on Adventure Education.
  • What’s your view on assessment and feedback styles?
  • Can you highlight some challenges and opportunities of programming during a pandemic?
  • Is there an idea or program design dream that you want to accomplish?
  • Pros and cons of certification versus accreditation as they both relate to the field of Adventure Education.

Additional Resources

Learn more about the Outdoor Education program at SUNY Adirondack here.

SUNY Adirondack Instagram: @sunyavs

Book Reference: The Overstory by Richard Powers 

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