Building Community with Spud Marshall


Episode 183: An episode about Community Building. Host Phil Brown chats with guest Spud Marshall, a creative community builder and facilitator, to explore the nuances of facilitating and harnessing the power of collective wisdom.

Topics and Questions Presented in this Episode

To start, we delve into Spud’s personal journey and ask him this question: “When have you felt most alone?” Discover how Spud’s insights on navigating these feelings of solitude have shaped his approach to community building.

As an introverted facilitator, Spud provides a unique perspective on engaging with others while honoring his own energy. Learn how he leverages his introversion as a strength, allowing him to listen attentively, create safe spaces, and foster deep connections within the communities he serves.

One of the key aspects we explore is tapping into the collective wisdom of groups. Spud shares strategies, techniques, and stories that demonstrate the power of bringing diverse voices together to generate innovative solutions and collective intelligence.

Finally, we discuss the benefits of focusing on long-term outcomes for participants. Spud’s experience reveals how nurturing a community’s growth and development over time leads to lasting impact and transformation. Gain insights into the ripple effects that can emerge when facilitators prioritize the bigger picture and guide participants toward sustainable growth.

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