Establishing Legitimacy in the Outdoor Industry | Andrew Jillings


Episode 229: In this conversation, Phil Brown and Andrew Jillings discuss their shared passion for adventure and experiential education. They delve into their personal experiences, the evolution of risk management, and provide advice for emerging professionals in the field. The conversation also touches on the balance between experience and certifications in the industry. Phil Brown discusses the importance of experience, decision-making, and risk management in the field of experiential education. He emphasizes the value of diverse experiences and the ability to make quick, critical decisions. Phil also shares insights on the selection and training of student leaders for orientation trips, and the significance of repetition and variation in skill development.

Episode Takeaways:

  • Passion for adventure and experiential education drives the work of professionals in the field.
  • The evolution of risk management and the balance between minimizing negatives and maximizing positives.
  • The importance of both experience and certifications in establishing legitimacy in the industry.
  • Advice for emerging professionals to gain diverse experiences and demonstrate a commitment to the field. The value of diverse experiences in decision-making and risk management
  • The importance of repetition and variation in skill development
  • The significance of selecting and training student leaders for orientation trips