Ask Deep Questions with Jan Keck


Episode 85:  Meet Jan Keck, an Experiential Facilitator and the designer of Ask Deep Questions cards.  Jan created this set of cards out of a desire to make people feel less alone.  VPP host Phil Brown is keen to try out the cards himself and starts the conversation off with a question from the deck.  This episode touches on a variety of topics that help people connect on a less superficial level.  Without a doubt, you’ll learn more about creating facilitation experiences that create meaningful connections.  Here’s a sample of questions and all-purpose facilitation tips covered in this episode.

Questions and Topics Presented in Episode:

  • What are the three levels of questions presented in a deck of Ask Deep Questions cards?
  • Is technology a deterrent to connection?
  • Tips on how to facilitate virtually on Zoom or other platforms.
  • How do you facilitate deep conversations virtually?
  • How did you discover Experiential Education?
  • What is the Campfire Formula?
  • How do you apply it to your work as a facilitator?
  • How do you create the right environment for meaningful conversations?

At the end of the conversation, Phil selects a card that asks him to be brave.  Phil and Jan take turns answering this question: Have you had a spiritual experience? The answers will surprise you. Finally, Jan shares some extra tips on virtual facilitation and the importance of choice and listening skills as it applies to all types of facilitation work.  

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Ask Deep Questions.Com

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