Conditioning, Conduct, and Consciousness with Vishwas Parchure


Episode 77: Can facilitation skills be taught?  Today’s guest, Vishwas Parchure, Director of Experiential Leadership Institute in Pune India, joins Phil to discuss a variety of facilitation skill teachings.  Throughout the episode, Vishwas shares some defining moments in his work, and various scenarios and perspectives about facilitation and groups.  Listeners are invited to be introspective and to look at facilitation skills through a new lens.  Both Phil and Vishwas love what they do, and listeners can’t help but be inspired to do the same.

Facilitation Skills Questions Presented in this Episode:

  • Why do you do the work you do? 
  • What are some of the defining moments in your work as an experiential educator?  
  • Why is it important to be intentional about the work we do as facilitators?
  • Can facilitation skills be taught?
  • Are there certain facilitation techniques or approaches with which you disagree?
  • How much speaking should a facilitator do?
  • What is the role and/or purpose of the facilitator?  Do you need an agenda?
  • Do you have any suggestions for report out fatigue?
  • How do you use commonalities in building community?

Finally, Vishwas shares some advice for emerging professionals.  He suggests not be in a hurry, do not be too critical of oneself, and just be there for your participants.  In conclusion, he leaves listeners with some valuable perspective on the value of conversations and closing thoughts on conditioning, conduct, and consciousness for all facilitators to ponder. 

Find out more about Vishwas Parchure here:

Vishwas Parchure, Director of the Experiential Leadership Institute in Pune India, discusses with Phil his first experiences with working in the outdoors, his thoughts on conditioning, conduct, and consciousness, and answers the question; can facilitation be taught?

Watch his Ewald and Hahn Address from the 2020 International AEE conference –

You can learn more about Vishwas and the work of the Experiential Leadership Institute here – experiential. institute

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