Reading Group Dynamics for Facilitators


Episode 72: When making your activity agenda it can be helpful to intentionally pick activities that can help you read your group. In this episode, we explore a variety of activities that help facilitators gauge the learning style and underlying dynamics of their group(s).  In order to more fully explore the topic of group dynamics, Phil calls up 8 of his facilitator friends to ask them what activities they use and why.   Many benefits are revealed through these spontaneous calls.  These facilitators are:

  • Chris Damboise (Director of Training and Team Development, High 5)
  • Ryan McCormick (Edge of Leadership Director, High 5)
  • Greg Urban (Project Adventure)
  • Justin McGlamery (Focus Your Locus)
  • Rick Keegan (Trainer, High 5)
  • Lisa Hunt (Manager of Team Development, High 5)
  • Megan Meinen (UVM)
  • Chris Ortiz (Penn State)

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