The History of Outdoor Education | Hutch Hutchinson


Episode 230:  Hutch Hutchinson, a senior lecturer at the Questrom School of Business, shares his journey in experiential education and the historical context of outdoor education. He discusses the impact of industrial education, the role of associations like AEE, and the future of experiential education in a changing world.

Episode Takeaways:

  • Experiential education has a rich historical context that predates the industrial education model and is rooted in the philosophy of student-centered learning.
  • Associations like AEE provide a diverse and enriching platform for experiential educators to learn and grow, offering a wide range of perspectives and expertise.
  • The future of education will require a focus on trauma-informed teaching, empathy, and personal connection, all of which are inherent in experiential education.
  • Mentorship and networking are essential for emerging professionals in the field of experiential education, providing guidance and diverse perspectives for career development.